Hi. I’m Tom, WA2IVD

I’ve been producing the Ham Cured Smoke YouTube channel since February 2019 (I know, corny name). I had been noticing that many of the recent, modern radios have an almost unbelievable number of capabilities and features. Most of us barely scratch the surface of what these radios can do. Unless you spend hours reading the manual and going through all of the menus, you probably won’t even be aware of many of the features.

When I got my IC-7300, I decided that there should be a group of tutorials that would go through all of the radio’s features from “A to Z”. I wanted to keep each video short so people didn’t have to suffer through hours of content to find one particular function.

When I started this, there were 2 things that I didn’t realize-
I knew the 7300 was a popular radio, but I didn’t realize how popular. The channel has become more popular than I ever expected. I truly appreciate all of the nice comments I have received and I’m glad that many of you find the videos helpful.
The 2nd thing I didn’t realize was how many short videos it would take to cover every aspect of the 7300. After 1-1/2 years, as I write this, I still haven’t finished.

I recently started adding videos for the IC-7100 and hope to add more radios and other equipment. Once I am able to retire from my day job, I hope that I’ll be able to add videos more frequently and on a more regular basis.

This web site is very much a work in progress. For now, it is mostly a reference page for the YouTube channel. I plan to add more helpful content, links and maybe more YouTube channels as time permits.

Thanks for watching and thanks for visiting my site.


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