Items that have appeared in videos or that I’ve purchased

Below are links to items that have appeared in the videos or that I have purchased and use. Not all of the items that have appeared in the videos have been talked about. They may have just been part of my shack or the setup for the video.

Full disclosure: These are affiliate links. So, I will get a small commission if you buy anything. This does not increase the price you pay for an item.

This is the USB Cable I use for connecting my IC-7300 to my computer.

Note: This is not the same pole I used in the RV Portable video, but it is similar. Check it out thoroughly before you buy.

This is the USB A to Mini-B cable that I use to connect my IC-7100 to my computer. I have had very good luck with Monoprice cables.

AMPS compatible mounting plate that fits IC-705

25 Watt Dummy Load

This is the Hamstick dipole mount that I use at the top of my portable aluminum pole when RVing or for other portable/emergency operations

I just purchased this (August 2020). Started doing some antenna analysis. Very cool! Can’t wait to learn more functions and do a couple videos.

MFJ-913 300W 4:1 Balun

RAM Rail mount kit for ATV, motorcycle, etc. portable operation w/ IC-705

50 Watt Dummy Load

These are the 8ft Stainless whips I use with the Hamstick mount and a tuner for a quick way to switch bands. They’re okay for 20 meters & up. They’ll tune on 40, but aren’t very efficient.

This is the Tram 1481. It’s the big brother to the 1480 that I reviewed in October 2020.
Update: The 1480 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. As of December 2020, there are still a number of suppliers that still have stock. Just Google “Tram 1480”

RadioWavz B14CA 4:1 Current Balun – 1500W PEP

RAM double socket arm mount w/ AMPS compatible plates. Fits IC-705.

100 Watt Dummy Load

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